AVM right frontal lobe (Spain)

Hello, I am David from Sevilla (Spain), I am 34 and last August 2016 I have my AVM ruptured and a bleed into my brain.

I was in a little town near Granada (Spain) for vacations with my wife and little baby. It was around 8pm and after taking a shower I felt down to the floor, that was very weird because it has never happened something to me like that before. So I got to my bedroom and I started to get dressed for the dinner. I remembered laying down on my bed because I was having a headache and that’s all, the next night was me waking up at the ICU and my wife and my father were holding my hands and told me that I had a stroke and I was at the hospital.

I was very lucky because in a couple of hours from that moment I was at the hospital and I had my first surgery, a craniotomy, to control my bleeding and pressure in my brain. I stayed like three days at the ICU and when I started to wake up doctors were asking me to rise my arms, legs, and I did not why they asked me that “easy” things. I spent about a week at the hospital while the doctors were studying my AVM and they told me that I the best option for me was surgery in order to complete removal of the AVM (frontal right lobe ranked #2).

So I decided to have surgery (embolization and craniotomy) to remove my AVM and everything went ok, I have no deficits and I stayed for 10 days more at the hospital after the surgery. The first month I was very tired, no headaches at all. I started to taking walks around my home, every day a little longer. In about three months I felt that my energy was coming back. I returned to work (part-time) and drive in five months.

At the moment I do not play any sports, contact or non-contact; I just walk and somedays I go to the gym for cycling and running a little bit. I still taking anti-seizures pills until my next visit to the doctor on June 2017.

Thanks so much for posting your story David. Sounds like everything is working out really well! I love to hear stories like yours and am so happy for you and your results! Take care, John from Canada!

Thank you John for your words!

Hi David:

It was a pleasure reading your post because you’ve had a positive AVM outcome and that gives all of us HOPE! You are truly blessed. Don’t worry about playing sports. When you’re ready, the sports will be there waiting for you. Continue to heal. Remember to pray and most of all, be patient. My AVM ruptured 2 years ago. I still have a few deficits, but I say I’m 98% recovered! Wishing you all the best.

Hi @Sharon_D! Thanks for your words, they are good advice. I wish you all the best too!

Hola David, a mi hoy mismo me acaban de comunicar que el mes de enero febrero me tienen que operar. Mi malformación está situada en el mismo lugar que la tuya, aunque de momento no hay sangrado pero si aneurismas, por lo que los neurocirujanos han decidido que lo mejor será extirparla antes de que de problemas.
Saludos desde Mallorca.