AVM rerupture?

When I was 8 yrs old(15 yrs ago) I hit my head on a rock and after days of being ok, all of a sudden I had a massive headache. I was hospitalized for 2 months. They did xrays and CT scans (multiple tmes) and they said i was bleeding (that it looked like a ruptured AVM - it ruptured because I hit my head). They made me take Dilatin(?) and more meds. I was going to have an angiogram to find where the AVM was but the machine was down for months. And then I ended up not going anymore since also after weeks in the hospital and taking meds, my headache was gone (although my right peripheral vision is gone). I never had surgery and it was never fully diagnosed if it was REALLY a ruptured AVM and where in my brain it was. After couple years, I had an MRI but no AVM was showing and I even had MRI as well few yrs ago and nothing. So is it possible that over time AVM would be gone by itself? Or MRI mightve just missed it? I still get headaches on a regular basis but i know its just a residual result of the rupture.

and is it possible for the avm to rerupture?

Hi Ace. A lot of neurologists prefer to use an angiogram to see if an AVM is gone. Also, most neurologists know nothing about AVMs. We only occur in 1% of the population. We refer to an angio on this site as the Gold Standard...


Yes..if there is some part of an AVM left ...it can cause problems. Has an expert in AVMs ever evaluated your case?

Hi Ace. Barb is right. Avms normally don't go away on there own. And angios are the most accurate of all xrays to be performed. Oh... Yes, avms can rerupture or bleed again.

I'm thinking; it may be possible that the doctor was wrong in his/her assumption about you having an avm. Cat scans and xrays don't show avms very well, and sometimes not at all (that's been my experience with those tests). When my avm was at 3" in diameter, it never showed up on cat scan. And I mean never.

If I were you though, I would still want to know what the exact cause of my headaches are from. But, that's me. I don't do well on assumptions. :)