AVM Removed, New Symptoms

My daughter's AVM is removed successfully!!! We are so happy and blessed by God that all went well. She had a very large AVM and there was a 20% probability thtat something could have gone really bad. Fortunately it did not.

My question to everyone, when your loved one or you have your AVM (brain) removed, during the healing process have you experienced hearing bees or door slamming in your head? That is what my daughter is experiencing. She had her AVM removed on June 10, 2013 and has only started experiencing these noises the past month or so.

She has a follow-up visit with Dr Liu and UVA in Charlottesville (recommend him highly!!). I did call and speak to a nurse who said these things are normal while the brain is filling the hole with spinal fluid and while the brain is just healing.

It is a real blessing that we don't have to worry about the AVM any more, but these new sensations bring back old fears. I would be comforted to know that others have had these symptoms and that you discovered that this was all a part of the healing process.

Best wishes to your daughter, Rikki! Members in the past have reported some odd effects after their avms were removed, such as visual and/or auditory hallucinations. I hope this will be a temporary effect for her -- it must be very unsettling.

I will certainly keep you apprised if we experience anything like that after Ryan's Craniotomomy on August 21, 2013.
Did the doctors say it will dissipate over time?

Haven't spoken with the doctor yet, just the nurse. But when we do see him that's gonna be one of my first questions.

Hi Ricki, my husband also had his AVM removed at UVA in 2008. He also had “strange” noises while healing, he also saw strange “creatures” is how he described it flying in and out. Dr Kassell said this was normal as the brain was healing and that it could take up to possibly over a year for complete healing. I hope your daughter does well and will be interested if Dr Liu tells you all the same thing. Best of luck to you all.

Some people including me heard clicking noises…http://www.avmsurvivors.org/forum/topics/noises-in-the-head-following?commentId=1543517%3AComment%3A260382
Not bees or doors slamming. Please keep us posted. I will be praying for your daughter.