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Avm removed but tennitus still there


hello friend i have a successful avm removed on april 24 2018 but ear ringing still there i had it from february 2017 it was only symptoms i have to found avm and my ent did mri and found it he did other test but couldnt find anythinf wrong with my ear so he told me its maybe from avm and i was happy after surgery it will go away but its not so today was my post op appointment i ask my neuro he said its not related to my avm so i should see ent he referral me i dont know what to do last time they didnt find anything they only found avm now its gone why tennitus not going
i am scared to go to ent last time they found avm scared if they find any other problem :sweat::sweat:
i pass 2 week i want to give it 2 more week if if still there then like to see ent to make sure nothing wrong
is here anyone have avm removed and still have temnitus ? do you know the reason for having it ??



I had my embolization last April and had a louder pulse than before the operation. I think it might subside – mine has definitely got quieter – but I think it is a good idea to see the ENT again.

I am due an MRI of my middle ear on both sides on Sunday to see if anything can be observed. I am sure they will not give me the results on Sunday but it will take some time for the doctor to look at it and report back to me.

I don’t know if it is an indication of not completely fixing my AVM or of some other problem showing itself now that my blood pressure in my ears is “normal” or whether I can just hear a perfectly normal arterial flow which I didn’t used to be able to hear. Reading others’ stories, a residual pulsatile tinnitus seems to be quite common for anything that flows into the sigmoid sinus.

I also have a tiny bit of a balance issue, normal tinnitus and pressure in my ears.

Go and see the ENT is my advice.



Thank you for your reply i want to wait until my incision get better maybe month will wait to see if its go away on its own


I agree. Your head will calm down. I think it takes quite a lot of time.


I had my AVM removed by crainiotomy a little over 4 years. I have had several angiograms and MRI/MRAs that confirm it has been completely removed, but I still have some pulsating tennitus. It has gotten better over the years, but has not completely gone away. Hope this helps.


Thank you Tawnie
i think its came for forever i joined tennitus group and i saw lot people have that and its never go away
in day time its make less noise sometimes on and off but night time when lay down its make too much noise and heared heartbeat i am using some kind of sound on my room to avoid this noise for 1 years