AVM Removal

Hello, I’m 18 and I was diagnosed with AVM in my brain a few months ago and my surgeon said that it is not necessary to remove it since it hasn’t bled yet and I shouldn’t be that worried, I just have to protect myself and etc. and repeat MRI every year. But I’m a little bit afraid, because I’ll never know when it can rupture, so I was thinking perhaps it is better to remove it now than to wait until something tragic to happen? I really want to hear your opinions and recommendations.


It can be the right thing to do to leave it alone. Whilst a lot of people on here have had an intervention of one kind or another, you shouldn’t in any way feel peer pressure to have an intervention if your doc feels it is best to keep an eye.

The main reasons for leaving alone are when the risks of intervening are higher than the risk of leaving it. I’ve read elsewhere on the internet that about 1 in 1000 people have an AVM of one kind or another but only 14 people per million are diagnosed each year. In other words, most people with an AVM go through their whole lives without it causing a problem.

One of the moderator team, Lulu, has an AVM in a dangerous-to-reach place, so has chosen to watch and wait with hers.

Do ensure you understand why it is he wants to keep an eye and get a second opinion, if you are not sure that watch and wait feels right.

Hope this helps,


Camille, Maybe this article will make you feel better or more at ease with leaving it Aruba Results , Take care