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AVM Patients of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birms


Just wondering if there’s many patients that have attended Birminghams queen Elizabeth hospital for Brain AVM operation? Are there any lasting side affects ? I’m 28 I don’t usually suffer from seizures but I’ve had 2 In 9 month is this something that’s likely to continue after the operation ?



I was seen in Nottingham. Which operation are you up for, do you know? There are three main variants.

The general idea is to sort you out and the main effect is to reduce your stroke risk but with luck it might sort your seizures out, as well. It depends on why they are happening and I guess difficult to predict whether they would be sorted, or not… something to ask the doctor about.

Tell us what op you are heading for, if you know.



I’m having my angiography on Thursday got to be there for 7.30 and might be having the craniotomy op and fully remove the AVM if possible,



All the best! I’ve not had a craniotomy, so I’ll leave it to others to help with experience, etc… Are you comfortable with the idea of an angiogram? I can tell you it was absolutely fine for me.

Very best wishes for Thursday,



Meant to send you this last night… but good luck today. Have a good day.