AVM Pain

my daughter has an AVM in her pelvis,thigh,buttock and labia,she is in so much pain with lower back,butocks,can only stand for a couple minutes, can anyone recomend pain relief,we have tried alot off GP but nothing is helping and she is getting very depressed

Send her to a psychologist, seeing one helped me so much just coping mentally, which made me feel better physically. But there isn't much for pain, a lot of medications make you drowsy or give you nausea. I only really take panadine extra (which has codine in it) and that takes the edge off when it is really playing up. Maybe speak to a doctor and see if they can help you find a medication that suits her. I tried a few different types like lycra, but it didn't really help. Good luck xx

thanks for advice,seeing her GP on Thurs and will discuss pain relief and a psychologist,any thing that will help her. Best wishes.

Hi readhairdwench , has she tried lignocaine gel ? It numbs the area and gives temp relief . I use this on mine daily and it has no side affects .

She hasn't but thanks for the suggestion and will give it a go,anything that can help would be great!

Hi Redhairedwench. I continue to admire you as a mom and pray for pain relief for your daughter.

Thank you,that is very kind,not having a good time at the moment,here's hoping the doctor can help on Thursday,best wishes.