Has anyone watched the HBO show Six Feet Under? One of the characters is shown to have AVM. The show was back in 2005 or so, so I am curious how it was shown. I don't have HBO so I will have to rent it on dvd soon to check it out. I guess it is a good thing and I found it interesting that AVM was on TV. Wish we could get it out there more so people knew about it.


Thanks for the info. No psychic ability here more than occasionally joking with my son when I actually know where something is he can't find.

There was a House episode, too, where the patient had an AVM.

If I'm not mistaken, I think Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's book, "Stroke of Insight", was AVM-related. My ex-fiance read this to me while in rehab. hospital-inpatient, and my brain was a little "jiggly" so not really sure.

I've heard that about "Six Feet Under," but have no details.

I forecast that I will have chocolate or pizza in my near future.

I have recently started that book and pick it back up on days my eyes cooperate. Very insightful so far!

I just watched the first episode of Six Feet Under, regardless of AVM I already like it.

I predict you will enjoy both! Poof! :)

Hey Holly! My sister pointed out the show to me and said Nate had an AVM. So I watched the whole thing... I'm sure you will love it. Maybe she can send you the DVDs and you can save some money. Just a thought.

I think someone even posted something about Nate confronting his Doc about his AVM on the site.(I know I saw that... wait...no, I saw that). I'm not answering all the discussions and posts like I used to because I have to read for school... but I'm here and still reading everything. Birthday ribbons are another matter. Dang discipline... lol. Anyway, hope you're feeling well.

Wow, pyschic abilities... I had no idea... (just go with it and humor me...lol).

Thanks Suzy. Hope you are well!

I have a friend that has helped me download the episodes for free so far. :)

Good deal. You will love the show.

yes, she did have an AVM, which caused a massive stroke. Her story is a remarkable inspiration, I'm glad you mentioned it. Saw her on oprah, didn't read the book.

I saw it on House as well!

Hi Holly - I hardly ever watch "House" - but I did for some reason religiously when recovering in the rehab. hospital, but I watched it last night. They mentioned where the one intern did an AVM embo...it was so strange to hear.

Hi there Laura, I am so glad you shared that cause I have been experiencing dejavu moments through out the day, of my dreams, its so weird...

Havent watched it Holly but thank you for letting us know, I definitely would like to see this episode so I requested this show from the library! Take care and God Bless!

i may watch this - the actor plays Dexter and i love that show! Can someone just let me know, what type of series is it? Typical Drama yes? Do they focus most of it in real life problems; the AVM is just one small part of it, or a very large percentage? I just dont want to watch stuff like "boy meets girl/boy loves girl/argument/back on track....." thats not my cup of tea....thx!

It is a dark humor/drama yes. The AVM becomes a big part of Nate's character but one of many back plots of the show. I think you will like it. I am most of the way through the second season and I am enjoying it. Not a romantic drama at all, very dynamic.