AVM of the brain of the brain

Hi y’all. It took me 10 years to relearn everything all over again, how to walk,talk,read ect.
I hope y’all each have the best and quickly recovery.Sometimes it can be a long hard road as my husband walked out on me after 6 weeks but I had a great Mama,family and friends and a lot of faith in God.My blessings are with you all.

jessie, thanks for ur blog, that is good to hear because it has been 4 yrs since the removal of my avm and somnetimes i fel disheartened. i feel i wont get 100% better, but now i know i can never give up. U DIDNT!!! thank god for ur mum.
i hope u are well.
margaret xxxx

Hi Jessie, yup family and tru friends are a god send in times like these.

hi jessie, you are amazing…it,s great to hear you have made such a good recovery…it gives us all hope…i am glad you had such a supportive family to get you through this…i don’t know what i would do without my family…they have got me where i am today…take care

Gave me hope… Thanks!

Dear Jessie, I don’t know if you still get on the sight, but I happened upon this blog and wanted to let you know that you writing about ten years for relearning the basics and succeeding gives me HOPE!! I’ve been working on it for two + years and refuse to believe that I should accept it ! Thank you so much for making me know I’m not wasting my time. By the way, my husband left me as well; couldn’t handle it I guess…we don’t have that option. Smile and keep pushing!!