Avm ocular migraine

Hi everyone had my 3 rd angiogram. Could not embolize the rest of the 2 percent . But has anyone had ocular migraines after this procedure. I had one an hour after I got home. I called the dr and they said it may be the contrast. He poked around quite a bit . Any help would be great scared me

Chloe, I haven’t experienced this with any of my angios, but just wanted to pass along well wishes and hope you’re feeling better. Take Care, John

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I never did either this is my 3 rd one but he poked around in there quite a bit . I spoke to my dr and he said it was ok . May have been from the contrast and to drink a lot of water . I haven’t had another one in 6 hours .

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Well, after the angiograms I didn’t feel any massive migraine like pains.

But, after the embolization & having a brain bleed, I had fairly bad headaches for days of not weeks after the procedure.

Side question: What are they looking to do with the last 2% that they weren’t able to occlude?

Hi i didn’t have a migrain an ocular migraine is when u see flashes in your eyes I had them a long time ago too. I’m ok now I have a headache a small one because he tried to get into the vein to embolize but he couldn’t. So that was very painful .
He wants me to possibly do gamma knife but I’m leaning more towards leaving well enough alone .
He told my husband the 2 veins left are very small and he is not concerned about them .
I’m so mentally exhausted I need a break and some time to think this all over . Those veins are very close to my motor skills and I don’t want anything to happen .

Oh, well I had scotomas for a few weeks post embolisation and I had a repeat after the check up angiogram. If by “ocular migraine” you mean visual disturbances akin to migraine aura, e.g. scotomas or flashes, I think these are driven by the contrast material and become less frequent as everything settles down.

See here. These visual effects turned out to be scotomas. My Update - Dural AVF Embolization - #22 by DickD

If you read further you’ll see these faded away:

Thank you that’s what I meant and yes they were gone in a couple hours. I just have a headache in the back of my neck on the right side . I think it’s nerves in the back of my neck whenever he goes in I always feel the most pain back there.

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Thank you both for educating me. I’ve had that happen a few times a year for the last maybe 3 -4 years and I didn’t know what it was. It happened a few days ago - about 1 and 1/2 weeks post 3rd angiogram. Maybe they’ll stop after things settle from the procedure. I still have some headache also and am hoping that backs off. Chloe - I hope yours all goes away with a little time.


I can’t say I’ve had one after my angios but definitely bad bad ones after embolisations.

But yeah they do poke around so it may resolve. If in doubt or gets worse, seek medical attention

I will add though that I do get constant headaches and very bad eye pressure pain symptoms daily and that’s after I’ve been confirmed completely obliterated and that’s something I’ve learnt to live with

I’ve learnt though many symptoms came and went with surgery. Some really strange odd ones (but not serious) turned up too after surgery so it hopefully this is a temporary thing for you :slight_smile:

But as said, if anything changes, definitely seek medical attention

Best wishes

Yes I felt better after my embolization. This angiogram was rough because he really tried to get to the last 2 veins and couldn’t. I had another ocular migraine yesterday just one . And the headache goes away when i sleep but comes back when i wake up . I really think it’s a pinched nerve in the back of my neck or a nerve he irritated because that’s where it starts. I hope to feel better today.
Thanks everyone

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