AVM not gone but is shrinking

My MRI yesterday indicated that my AVM is getting smaller at one point and my doctor is pleased that it is not shutting down too fast because then there could be swelling. He basically said that it is behaving exactly the way he hoped it would at this point. He said I’ll have another MRI in six months and that I should try to be patient…that sometimes it can take 3 years for it to be gone completely. I was glad to hear that there was no indication of another bleed.

I’m glad it is over…when I got to the office, I filled out all these forms and indicated both in writing and verbally that I am claustrophobic (I’ve never had an MRI there before). They did not give me anything for it and when they put me in, I freaked out and started crying…so they had to call my doctor to get permission to give me something for anxiety which put everything back about a half an hour. Next time I’m going to make sure they give me something as soon as I get there.

Dianne I am so happy for you !..Sorry you had trouble with the MRI .