Avm/Moymoya sensations

Dx with large BRAIN AVM and Moya moya in may of 2014. I had treatment via gamma knife june in 2015.

New sympotoms arise that brought me to the er. No changes on the mri by my er doctors. I have a feeling of pins and needles in both sides of my hands and feet. Also all throughout my body but not has strong. The sesations are like by body has fallen asleep. Like some blood flow constrictions. Thos will not go way for over a week now and it has gotten stronger. I cant sleep because it wakes me.
Any ideas, thoughts or experience with this.
Thank you!
Feeling numb;(

We are here Kristy! Sorry but I think my pins and needles is parts falling asleep from constricted blood flow. I find I’m usually on my elbows. I would start considering poor circulation then move to nerve compression then on to gamma related necrosis. Could be something as simple as pulse/bp/O2 out of whack. I would start with my family Dr on this one. And try relaxation/deep breathing techniques to see if they help. Hopefully you’ll get some better experiences to guide you. Best wishes