AVM, Mental Health & Bipolar


I hope you’re all good.

My name is Yoosuf (Joseph in English) and I am 21.
I was born with an AVM on my left eye (frontal & temporal lobes)

I had a bleed end of 2017 which changed everything for me! :innocent: (it took a whole year for it to heal by itself)
My AVM is now being treated with bleomycin via sclerotherapy.
I’ve had two injections so far (September 2019 & January) I was due a third injection in April but due to covid my treatments have been postponed.

I tried to kill myself back in March.
I wasn’t in a healthy place at all & what I did was impulsive.
Thanks to the police, air ambulance & hospital they saved my life & I’m blessed, grateful & happy I survived!

I woke up in the ICU.
I had to relearn how to walk, talk, regain strength in my left arm because it was floppy.
My neck was all stapled.

I got sectioned in June.
I’ve spent the last 4 months in a psychiatric hospital & Wow! I’m forever grateful for what they’ve done for me, what they’ve done for me is absolutely remarkable! :sunglasses:

I haven’t felt this great & empowered since year 7 when I was 11/12 years old.

I got discharged on Monday.
I’ve also been diagnosed with bipolar.
I’ve been educating myself about bipolar ever since.

Life is so precious! & it’s a journey.
An experience.

I’ve learnt this year life is about perspective & create memories!






Great share!

Can I say “wow!” you’ve gone through A LOT!

I know that through most of your troubles you have been messaging me and I’ve been encouraging you that you can get through some of this stuff but it is really good to see you share your year with other people.

I know there are others here who are bipolar (and I feel like it’s the bipolar that is the biggest of your challenges) so I hope that you continue to get the support you need and deserve from your local health team and maybe some of the folk here. Well done on posting publicly. I think you’re worth sooo much, mate.

Big hug or handshake from me… whichever you’re most comfortable with!


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I’m here for everyone, 'cos I’m a bit crazy!

You needed a bit of encouragement. And then you went off. And then you came back. And then you frightened both of us. It’s just good to see you in a much better place :sunglasses:

We are all a bit crazy Richard. Add me to the list :slight_smile:

Yoosuf, feel free to message me anytime. I have some experience in those matters too

All the best:)

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read your story and was toujched. Am bipolar also, avm sucks. Am 55 and had cerebellum 2019 after brain bleed and stroke - 5 surgeries later doing ok. Disabled and not easy typing and used to type 60 wpm. I go this site when depressed and your blog hellpful. Thx Theresa


:yellow_heart: @tcuellar0423

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I was just re reading your reply @tcuellar0423


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Hello; your story helped me get through some bipolar crap still working on but know it won’t last. I have so much to say by just reading others stori s let’s me feel understood. It seems no one really understands but you and this site does… :smiling_face_with_tear: