AVM long term effects

I am curious as to how many of you that have had an AVM rupture recovered completely.......My worry is that my brother will not be the same person he was before and that he will not be able to accomplish the goals and dreams he had been working so hard toward. It is still very early in his recovery he is currently still in ICU (day 11) He has not eaten hardly at all so they are looking at placing a feeding tube. He gets very agitated and says mean things to people which is very unlike him. Yesterday he got very agitated and had to be sedated. It seems to be effecting his short term memory the most. I guess the hardest part is the not knowing and the what if's.

Hi Kirstin. Every AVM is different so every recovery is different. A lot depends on the location...size and how many AVMs. Yes...many members have multiple AVMs. Also, how long before the person received medical treatment after the bleed...makes a difference. I believe the key to recovery is persistence. Never Give Up Hope!!!!!!!!!

Praying for your brother!

Hi Kirstin. I want you to read a profile of another friend of mine on hereā€¦http://www.avmsurvivors.org/profile/LoriGibson
She is also a Flight Attendant that was able to go back to work after her massive bleed.

Don't sweat the what ifs....He will come thru this and although he may be different, he may have differnt goals after this. My son was 18 days in a Neurologic ICU and couldn't talk, eat, walk etc...Now 1 1/2 yrs later he's in college and pursuing a degree in writing. The agitation and anger will lessen as the swelling in his brain goes down. As far as the short term memory, my husband and I are just entering our 60's and guess what...we hardly notice...he's just like us!...HaHa!.. Just hang in there!