AVM is still present

Just got to talk to the doctor who did Alyssa’s anteriogram. Looks like the AVM is still there, he’s not sure of the size yet, didn’t get to look closely at the films. Looks like we will be removing it through surgery or embolization, or a combination of both. We visit with the neurosurgeon on Wednesday, the 11th so we are anxious to hear what his plan is.

Okay wow. Just read Alyssa’s story. My heart goes out to you and to her. She has already gone thru so much and now you must face more surgery… You are so right- Life is just crazy and I’m sure you are still struggling with everything and how your life has changed. It sounds like Alyssa has done so well in such a short period of time.
I am always amazed to read people’s stories who have bleeds and then surgery to stop the bleed and then must face further surgery to remove the AVM. It’s so crazy but I understand why it has to be two separate surgeries.
I will be thinking of you on the 11th. Take care.

Thanks Joy…her spirits are good and she is happy most of the time, so that makes it all so much easier! I am going to check out your page as well. I could literally spend hours on this site! It really does help to learn about others’ experiences. Makes us feel like we are not fighting this battle alone!

i know this is a hard time and my thoughts and prayers are with both you and alyssa…i hope the meeting goes as well as it can on wednesday…i will be thinking of you both…stay positive…keep us posted

Look closely at those pictures (If I had, then my AVM would have been found 2 years earlier).

Ask dumb questions (this is wrong time to be polite).

Good luck.

“Makes us feel like we are not fighting this battle alone!” Definitely not alone. Please keep us posted on everything.