Avm in uterine wall

Hi. I just found out I have avm on my uterus. I’ve had episodes of heavy bleeding and was believed that it was just heavy periods, I’m 27, and I have 3 healthy children. So I’m not worried about more kids down the road. Can anyone give me their stories on how it was dealt with? I was told of a few options on what to do (surgery or meds). Can anyone tell me their experience of AVM on their uterus? Cans and cants? Thanks! Still learning and trying to educate myself to understand it more.

Welcome to the site, its great you’re here. I can’t offer anything in respect to a uterine AVM, there is a wide range of experience here so hopefully someone will jump in. If you click on the magnifying glass on the right side and enter uterine a number of older discussions show up, some my contain beneficial information. Great to hear you have three children, I have two. My AVM is left temporal and bleed in May 2016. I had never heard of an AVM and this site was incredible support and source of information. People are willing to share, are straight up and above all else understand. Take care and once again, welcome. John.

If you joined the Pelvic & Uterine group before writing your post, I hope the P&U ladies will have had a little email and respond.

Good luck! Richard