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AVM in the Tongue

Hi everyone, I am hoping that there are people in this group that have an AVM on the tongue.

There are, Vanessa, including our moderator Debra and bek, who lives in Australia. Try typing "tongue avm" in the search box at the upper right corner of the page to find others.

fantastic thanks again dancermom. Can you also tell me why when I upload my profile picture it saves it upside down. heheh

I have had trouble with getting sideways photos uploaded sometimes. If I manipulate the photo on my end a couple times, and try re-downloading and then re-uploading, I can usually get it to come out right eventually.

thanks i will keep trying

Hi Vanessa, I have a Venous Malformation at the base of tongue…has also infiltrated the muscle and lymph node. I have had 2 sclerotherapy treatments and am about to have the third this month.I was initially misdiagnosed as having an inflamed salivary gland that was aprox. 6 yrs. ago…diagnosed with AVM of the tongue/neck in Feb. 2014.
I am sure you will find very useful/helpful information…along with meeting very nice and understanding people on this site!Pam

Hi Pam
I am so very sorry. I have only just worked out how to find these messages. If you want to talk you can on here but I’m still navigating around.
Where are you located? Holly has now had her 11th sclerotherapy. It’s crazy.