AVM & High Blood Pressure Medication

Does anyone know if it is safe to take Perindopril 8mg, for high blood pressure, with a cranial AVM? The product data indicates it works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily. My AVM is inoperable, and hemoraged 4 years ago. My family doctored prescribed it, but I dont feel confident about my doctor. The neurologist told me to talk to the prescribing physician. Does anybody know the answer from direct experience, or know who I can ask to get a straight answer? I can't be the only one with an AVM that has high blood pressure.
Thanks to all!

Hi, Ed, I'm surprised your neurologist wasn't willing to answer your question, and I think you are right to be cautious about your medications. I poked around on the Internet for awhile, and couldn't find any articles that said ACE inhibitors are okay when you have a cerebral AVM. I did find one article that said babies exposed to ACE inhibitors in the womb are at risk for developing AVMs. I also searched this site for ACE inhibitors and didn't turn up much information, so I hope some members with high blood pressure will share their information here and shed some light on this.

As for inoperability, I hope you have checked this with more than one top neurologist. It's not uncommon for members here to be told their AVMs are inoperable; sometimes it's true, and sometimes it isn't. I wish you the best!

I don’t know the answer but I do know that pharmacist know more about meds than Doctors so I would ask the pharmacist. I would ask two just be to sure.

Ed, I also agree that you should ask your pharmacist. This is what I beleave tho...but I'm not a doctor or a pharmacist...I had been on high blood pressure meds for 25 years before I had my brain bleed. The day I had my brain bleed, I had forgotten to take my med...so it makes me think that my blood pressure was high and could be a reason why I bleed. That's just my thought....But please ask a pharmacist.

I agree with Louisa that high blood pressure is very bad for AVMs. I would love to know more about the full complement of medications to help lower bp, to find out which is safest for our members. Maybe I'll ask Dr. Suen.

Ed, I just tried emailing the manufacturer of the drug, which is in Brussels. We'll see if I can get someone to respond.

Thank you so much dancermom!!! I read the Product Data first, before taking anything, and the pharmacist was the first call I made. The Pharmacist agreed with my concern, and directed me to call the doctor to discuss. I dont have 100% confidence in my family doctor. The neurologist responded by telling me to talk to the prescribing doctor, who is my family doctor. I would be very interested in what Dr Suen says.

Louisa my concern is that the drug allows blood to flow more easily by relaxing the blood vessels. We're not supposed to take asprin or blood thinners. So the concern is will the additional blood flow have a negative impact on the AVM and me, the patient?(any of us)

I cant thank you all enough! The support here is awesome!

Here is Dr. Suen's opinion, Ed: "I do not feel there is any contraindication to take an ACE inhibitor. If it decreases his blood pressure it will actually help decrease blood flow thru the AVM." (One of the things to love about Dr. Suen is his responsiveness.) My disclaimer is that Dr. Suen is an expert in head and neck AVMs that are extracranial, so he is actually an ENT surgeon, not a neurologist, but I do not believe intracranial AVMs would react any differently to ACE inhibitors.

Ed, Many years ago I sold another ace inhibitor(Altace), and never read about any contra-indications regarding avms. I would have DEFINITELY remembered something like that when studying about this class of drugs! The most important goal in administering these anti-hypertensive meds is to lower and control BP. Ace inhibitors can do the job, as well as hundreds of other blood pressure meds. Aspirin and anti-coagulants like coumadin(warfarin) are not the same class of drugs. These are 'blood thinners' as you know. Most important is controlling your BP, because high BP can cause a bleed. Hope this helps, but know that anti-hypertensive meds will only help. -GK