AVM headache

So my headache is still here after 2,5 looooong weeks. last thursday I tried calling my f***…doctor, the grumpy lady in the phone told me that he would call me on monday (today). I I had to mutch pain I could go to the emergency. I really hate going to the emergency because they don´t even know what a AVM is.

But on friday my head was really pounding so I swallowed my pride and whent to the emergency.

After trying to explain what a AVM is and the hole story they did a MRT. it didn´t show anything and that was a good thing but then the doctor looked at me and said i might need something for stress, Now that i knew it wasen´t a bleed mabye my headpain would disapear.

I tried to explain that I´m not affraid it´s a bloody headache!!! She looked at me like a was some kind of stupid and ignored what I was saying. She gave me a stesolid witch is a muscle relaxants and leaved the room. after a half an hour my headache was even worse. i tried telling her but she said that I cold stay in the room for a while and call for the other doctor if it didn´t get better. I got so angry and sad, I took my things and whent home.

So today I sat by the phone all day whaiting for my doctor to call…do you think he did that? nooo…

I even called this morning to check so he would call me.

I feel so empty. Why should I keep fighting with their lame training program, why do i even have a doctor that dosen´t care. 2,5 weeks I´m really giving up!! It hurts so fu’’ bad.

I dont care any more just take away the pain in my head…