AVM Guide Question 3 - What (or where) is(was) the location of your AVM?

AVMSurvivors.org is in the process of preparing a guide for individuals that have been diagnosed with an AVM. The purpose of the approximate 20 page guide is to provide hope for a vibrant future, information about treatments, life expectations, and help for family members encouraging an AVM survivor. Over the next week, you will see me asking various questions concerning your AVM experience that will be shared in this guide.By participating you will be a source of help & encouragement to newly diagnosed AVM patients, their family, and concerned friends. So over the next week or so, be looking for questions from me concerning your AVM. By responding to these questions, understand that your answer may or may not be shared in the guide. After the questions have all been answered, a team from AVMsurvivors.org will begin the editing process, which will conclude with a guide that for many years can be a reference of hope for those in our growing community.

Here is question 3: What is(or was if it was removed) the location of your AVM?

As an example, my AVM was located in the middle right side of my brain.

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The AVM Guide Team...

My AVM is located in my right Parietal/Occipital lobe.

I can't wait to read the guide that you and your team are putting together!

Mine was in the same place as Leslye's...right Parietal/Occipital lobes.

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My avm is in my left parietal lobe.

Right temporal lobe(insular lobe)

My current AVM is up against the left side of my brain stem. My first AVM was located in the middle lower back of my brain.

The AVM was located in my cerebellum next to my brain stem.

MY child's Avm is located on her right ankle.

Facial AVM on right side of face and eye and back behind skull, and alveolur process.

Mine was located on the upper part of my cerebellum.

Left Posterior Temporal AVM towards the left lateral sinus.

Hi James - I thought for the past 3.5 years cerebellum - but now unsure.

left temporal lobe

My AVM is located in my right parietal lobe.

My AVM was located in the Left Frontal Parietal area of my brain.

My son's was on the face on the inside edge of the right eyebrow.

My avm was on my right occipital lobe

my avm is on the left side of my brain.

Left side of brain - 4cc occipitotemporal

Mine is in my right basal ganglia and thalamus. Also considered middle right