AVM Gone

My daughter had her cranial surgery yesterday. What a long day. Surgery took 9 hours. Very successful - the avm is gone. She’s doing remarkably well. Still dealing with pain and nausea. CT scan shows a small bleed. Hopeing that it fixes itself and goes away. Just relieved the surgery is over.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. So glad to hear your daughter did so well. I know how long surgery day seemed… the next few weeks will be a challenge as there are lots of issues after… pain, the results of pain meds, etc. But keep in mind that every day is another day of improvement. And that soon you’ll be a month post surgery, then 3, then 6.

Sending hugs…

Hello Rhonda , congratulations and I pray for the best results and healing . Good to hear she is doing well .
Be good to you . Take care of you . ( Moms forget to do so . )
One moment , one day , one task at a time .

Hope recovery goes quick and painless as possible. I bet those were the best words to hearthe avm is gone~ my family and i dream of those 4 words! Best of luck and thinking of you all.

What wonderful news I am so happy for you and your daughter. My thoughts and prayers will be with during the recovery period.
Lee Ann

Thank you all for your support. I think this is the hardest day yet. She’s in a lot of pain today - a lot of swelling of her body. They took the turban off today and the incision looks good. Took another CT scan and the bleeding is stable with now change which we have been told is really good. I’m hoping that we’ve now hit rock bottom and will gradually start climbing to her feeling better. Tough day. Thanks again to all. Prayers to all who are dealing with this also.

so happy to hear all went well…will be sending lots of positive healing energies your daughters way…hoping for a speedy recovery and all things are back to norm asap …prayers are with you xoxox

Congratulations.She will be fine.My husband had a large avm and had surgery last April.He is doing fine and back to his regular work as a field service engineer.Just make sure to watch your
daughter closely.Any unusual observation call the doctor right away.My husband had 2 episodes of meningitis after surgery.He has been taking a lot of tylenol which masks his fever for a week.Watch for any chills and high temperature.Fever can be a sign of infection.A lot of
pain reliever drug has antipyretic effect.I even had him try not to take tylenol just to find out his real temperature.She will be fine.Take care of her and pray a lot.We will pray for her smooth recovery.

I am so happy to hear your daughter is now on the road to recovery. My heart also goes out to her having to deal with the pain of the recovery and for you. My heart, thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you and your daughter during her recovery.

Glad the surgery went well and am sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.

Take care,


Thank you all. Today has been a better day. Recovery is very hard. She is complaining a lot of achy pain of her upper body. Surgeon doesn’t know why - could be the swelling from all the fluid intake. Today they bathed her and got her up into a chair. The swelling seems to slowly be dimishing. Very slow prosess but it’s progress. Should be moving out of ICU today into a regular room. Looking forward to her getting strong. I’ll keep all posted.

Wow. Congratulations. Glad to hear that the surgery went well. Best wishes for your daughter as she goes through her recovery. Please keep us posted on how she’s doing.

Rhonda, I am so happy for your daughter! Please keep us posted on her recovery.