AVM gone?

I’m back for an update after 6 months since I suddenly collapsed at a restaurant with a seizure that turned out to be a micro AVM 3mm in left temporal. Two weeks later (early May) and a day before the scheduled surgery they took one more angiogram that revealed that the AVM was miraculously gone!!! I was fortunate to be seen by the top neuro and avm experts out there in my hometown hospital of North Shore LIJ at Manhassat, NY (dr Avi seton, dr chailief and Dr Jeffrey Katz)
Of course I was overjoyed but to this day wondering could it never have been AVM (it ruptured that night after another heavy lifting at the gym), and if so could it ever happen again? Last week u had a 6- month angio, MRI and EEG and all confirmed I was 100% . Doc took me off Dilantin and told me I could lift weights again and that I was a completely healthy man, but I am really ambivalent about what happened and wonder if I’m really out of the woods for good? Any advice?

AD326, about a half dozen members on the site have reported that their avms "blew themselves out" and were obliterated after a bleed without treatment. Those were also microavms like yours. I think you can be cautiously optimistic. If you find yourself continuing to worry, you can send the scans and your history to a different doctor for an opinion, just for confirmation.

I had a DAVF a similar kind of thing happened to me when it bled blew itself up its very rare but does happen as my surgeon says unlucky to have one but lucky for it too blow itself up. I had a final angiogram after 18months after the event to confirm it was still gone and it was. I was then told 0% chance returning now and been signed off the doctors book as cured.

Thanks. Very reassuring.

Thanks Daven. Did they ever restrict you on strain (weightlifting etc?

None at all get on with life as norma. I thank god everyday for being so lucky