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Avm freeeeeeee


Congratulations, that’s great news, enjoy the celebrations!

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Thank you so much!


Sharon my neurosurgeon told me before the angio that in my case he wouldnt make a second gammaknife so basicly this was my only chance of cure! I m thinking a lot in you and you will get rid of your avm with this second round :slight_smile:


Congrats. In May it will be one year since my radiosurgery. This has been the toughest year ever between then increase in my migraines and the not knowing how much is being closed off. Your post has given me hope that I will be able to say that mine has closed off one day.

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I know exactly what you feel, to be honest I still dont feel in myself after knowing my avm is gone… Its so much time wishing this than when I received the good news it seems I just dont know how to feel right now… It is two years of many anxiety, emotional preassure and fear to handle. You are strong and so much more than you think this moment. A big big hug and thank you for your words :slight_smile:


Its 6cm so not sure if that’s large or not - thank you for your reply!

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There is a couple systems to grade AVMs, the most widely used is the Spetzler-Martin, if you google that you will get a ton of info. I have attached the basic grading chart. Take Care, John.