Avm freeeeeeee

I want to share that I received the best news in my life .Gammaknife did her job and according to my neurosurgeon the probability of bleeding again is ZERO ! I want to thank so much to all the people here that supported me so much and were truly the biggest friends I could have in all of these journey …And now …:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:



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That is completely fantastic! So happy to hear, enjoy the celebration! John.



That is absolutely fabulous and exactly what everyone post gamma knife deserves to hear! :wine_glass::birthday::icecream::champagne::clinking_glasses::tropical_drink::muscle::ok_hand::clap:

Happy new year! And well done for getting through the whole thing!



Fantastic news, I am currently awaiting my referal for Gamma Knife to come through. So I hope I can celebrate soon too. Congratulations Great to hear the good stories…


You will I am sure! Any question feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Hi Rita.
Congratulations, that’s wonderful news. Hope you are enjoying your celebrations!
How long did gamma knife take to work? And what change did you see after your 1 year scan? Gillx

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Thank you :slight_smile: my avm was really really small so it wasnt visible on mri’s. I just knew it now that I did the angio 2 years and two months after gammaknife :slight_smile:

Thanks Rita, that must have been really tough for you-not knowing the progress of the AVM going. How did you cope? Did you give anything up after gamma knife like driving, flying, drinking alcohol? I’ve done 1 year and I’ve been afraid to do anything like that. X

I had quite wide AVM with hydrocephalus 4 years ago.

Recently they did angiography of my brain and avm completely gone.

Gamma knife is fantastic instruments preserving thousand patients worldwide.


It was really hard the waiting and uncertainty of gammaknife really working, I drove (except with a modification from the pedals for my left leg) but I never stopped driving because gammaknife, I drink only a glass of wine per day (that scared me its true) I didnt made any lifting or exercise beside walking a lot and climb stairs and flying I only did it three times short flights and the first 1year and 4 months after gammaknife. I was very scared about everything maybe I m not very a big inspiration at this waiting part :stuck_out_tongue:


Yey! Congratulations! God bless gammaknife :pray::pray::pray:

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Hi Rita,
You are already a big inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing that with me. I think you are amazing at getting through it all despite how scared you were and with no MRIs. I too am too scared to do anything and finding waiting very hard after just 10months! I don’t drive or fly through worry of having a seizure which gratefully I’ve never had. I think you deserve a huge medal, well done!! :slight_smile: x


Hi - I’m about to go to Sheffield for GK. Where did you have yours? Did your hair fall out - am really worried about that more than anything!!

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Hi! My hair didnt fell but I received only 14minutes of radiation, is your avm very large? I know of some members of the fΓ³rum that unfortunetely experienced that :frowning: But for the procedure relax you wont feel anything!

Wow 10 months already! I only started being more brave and letting go at 18months mark. I remember the first year is the hardest to pass… And you are already there! Can you believe that it was so much time living with this ghost that I dont believe either that I m cured and dont have to think about this ever again? :sweat_smile:

Rita: CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you. I hope to receive the same news one day. I had my second GK procedure a month ago. Now, I’m on my 3-year journey to what I hope is total eradication. I am so encouraged by your post. You are truly blessed.

Sharon D…


Thank you Rita. You enjoy your well deserved freedom. X

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Heyyy!!! That are GREAT news! :slight_smile: I am very happy for you! The next step is to write a list of things you couldn’t do before your treatment and do everything on your list.


:grin: True! Thank you so much!