Avm free

GOOD NEWS!! After 5 years Nico is finally AVM free!!! I still can’t believe it!! GOD is GOOD!!! We are so overjoyed!! God Bless all of you and thank you for being here.

Yay…doing a Happy Dance right now!!

I just LOVE seeing the words “AVM FREE” Mickie - thank you for sharing the wonderful news!!! I am so happy for you, Nico and your family - definately a time to celebrate the greatness of GODs healing powers - YAYYY, another AVM goes “bye bye”!!!


Love, Love, Love to hear this news!!! Time to celebrate!

Congratulations!!! I just loved seeing the words “AVM FREE”. GOD is GOOD! Yehhhhhhh! Give Nico a huge hug from his AVM Survivor friends!

Congratulations, Another one bites the dust.

AMEN!!! So happy for you and Nico!! Hoping to hear the same news soon!

Congratulations! So pleased for you!

Fantastic!May that good news spread throughout!

Congrtulations Nico!!! Just the best news possible. All the very best to you & Mickie!! xxxx