Avm free

Five years ago, on 8/21/2009 I was graceful to be told I was AVM Free.

Happy Anniversary to you, Louisa! And bless you for all that you do for AVM Survivors and their families!

Yay for 5 years, Louisa! Thank you for posting this discussion!

Congratulations, Ms. Louisa! You have done a lot to help people in those five years. I am so happy that you are here and that you are my friend. Time to celebrate!

Congrats Louisa! Here’s to many more! :slight_smile:

Super Hurrah!!

Yay Louisa! Happy fifth anniversary!! It must have been awesome to hear. I have to concur with everyone else, we are so lucky to have you here. Again congrats!! :)

congrats, and may you have many more

Congrats Weezie, my friend! I'm grateful to the AVM only because it brought us together. What would I do without you?! Love you!! I shall toast to you this evening my friend!

Love you dearly, Trishie! Yes, what would we do without each other? Question, how did I live my life before you? I have no idea!

Thank You, Everyone! One good thing about having the AVM was meeting so many wonderful people!

Oh you were fine before me but you definitely didn't laugh as much!

Love you dearly, Sweet Ninibeth! My other daughter!

You have that right, Trish.....Thankfully, we have the same sense of humor!

Yayyy! Congrats! :-)

Congratulations!! Such a blessing!


well done Louisa, Its a hard thing to get through but I hope you've lived a happy and healthy life since :) I'm 7 weeks free on Monday and was married for 8 years on Tuesdays so this weekend I'm taking my wife away for a nice break in a fancy hotel for dinner and a break from the kids :) . Planning to live life fully and try to move house to a nice new one Makes you realise that nothing really matters except Health/Family and happiness (well it did for me lol). Take care :) and thanks for your kind words and support/advice on this site in the past :)

I’m a little late, but Happy Belated Anniversary!

Congratulations on your 5 years. For so long I wanted to talk with others who had an AVM but I couldn't find anyone until I found AVM Survivors.