Avm free!

I had an angiogram 2 days ago and all bloodflow through it has stopped. My doctor said that what's left will die off now and I'll still need checked ever year to make sure that nothing changes. I want to thank everybody that I've talked to here for thier advice and support. Also a special thanks to Ben for starting this site. I'll still come back here from time to time to try to help others dealing with this. Good luck to all of you!

Let me be the first to congratulate you. Hearing those words AVM free is pretty amazing, isn’t it? I know that feeling myself and I will be having 1 more scan to verify this, I am sooooo happy for you. Please make sure to stop by here every now again, as you can be an inspiration for many people by showing that you CAN beat your AVM. I hope you have a nice celebration planned Jason!!All the best.

Congrats Jason. Very pleased for you.


Best of luck with the rest of your life ( AVM Free ) :)

Really great news , delighted for you ,



Super Hurrah!

congratulations and God bless...thats fantastic news

Jason...isn't it wonderful to hear that you AVM Free! Congratulations! Please come back whenever you can to support others in this Group!

wow that's great news, so you don't have to have surgery to remove it??

No, it's in a bad spot for surgery. They said since there is no longer any blood flowing through it that what's left will die off and go away.