AVM Extremities

Welcome to those who have dealt with artery/venous malformations as well as both types of vessels (AVM). We have specific issues, and a special place to talk. I do not think this topic has transferred as of August 2016? I could be wrong.

Hi, I have had trouble finding the extremities group too.
Perhaps it could be made easier to find on the new site with our own tab/ section like before so that all the posts are grouped together?

Hi all, I’m not sure it was transferred (we had a lot of data to move in a very short amount of time!). I did a quick search though, would any of the topics be here?


This discussion seems to me like a great place to replace the old group, and I’ve asked to see if we can add a “AVM Extremities” group again. Happy Monday :slight_smile:

Meli from Mod Support

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So it turns out there is a tag for AVM in extremities! Here it is:


You can tag your posts with “AVM in Extremities” from the drop down menu so they will all be in one place :slight_smile:

thanks, this sounds efficient so I will be able to check in much more frequently. We are all Pilgrims, coming together to problem solve and share.

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