AVM embolization survivor but now son has congenital issue

Just reaching out to connect with people to deal with the stress. I had an AVM successfully dealt with back in 2015. Pulsatile tinnitus symptom led to MRA which detected it and I got an embolization done. Lo and behold, 6 years later my son develops vertigo and headaches. Turns out he doesn’t have an AVM but he has cerebellar tonsilar ectoplasia. It is a congenital issue where your brain stem extends a tiny bit into your spinal column. He will be ok unless the vertigo episodes become common. I just hope they don’t.

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We all worry about this sort of thing. My son has what appears to be a birthmark in exactly the place where I had my DAVF! So far, he has no symptoms of anything untoward and the doctors are uninterested: the doctor we saw preferred not to make a diagnosis but to keep future medical opinion open and unswayed by what we can see at the moment.

Like you, I found my DAVF because of the pulsatile tinnitus and like yours, mine was embolised.

Hoping your son’s vertigo stays relatively minor.

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Bill, good to hear you AVM was successfully dealt with. I always like to hear those results! I have never heard of cerebellar tonsillar ectoplasia, and just checked with Dr. Google. There is a lot of information for sure and as per usual on the wonderful web. I certainly hope his symptoms don’t worsen as well. It is good to have the diagnosis and will be able to monitor and track symptoms.

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This has been my #1 concern - bad enough I have to deal with this shit - I just “hope” my son does not

Speaking with my neuros as much as I have - they all seem to lean towards - it’s a 50/50

Neither of my parents have the issue, but come to find out my grandma did - since this is is well over 50 years back, all my parents know is that she had “something” removed from her head at the age of 30 or so - it messed her up pretty bad, effecting her vision & motor skills permanently - I’ve met her a handfuls of times before she passed of brain cancer at around 70 or so, when I was 5-6