Avm early diagnosis

like me, i had no idea that i had AVM till the operation was done.

So imwondering, how do we know (friends,family) if they also have avm?
Can we know thru ctscan/mri? The technology for early diagnosis is not yet available here in the phil

It is a double edged sword, Bem Dili. Those who have had a rupture naturally wish that everyone in their family could be checked for avms. But many avms stay clinically insignificant and cause no problems, while treatments for avms can cause significant deficits. So, for some it may be more hurtful than helpful to treat asymptomatic avms.

The exception is if there is a family history of HHT or another disorder which predisposes people to have multiple avms. Then, screening of family members may be appropriate.

My family didn't consider it necessary to worry about it, as my surgeon told my parents it was not a hereditary condition.

Thank you dancermom and mdiam ;)