AVM doctors in Houston? Moving and need to find a doctor

I am about to move across the country from Buffalo NY to Houston TX. I have an amazing doctor here in buffalo that saved my life. After a bad experience with the first neurosurgeon I saw (he told me to go home and do anything that I wanted to do because there was nothing he could do and it was just a waiting game to see when I would have a hemorrhage.) With my past experience I don’t want to just go to any doctor in the area.
Is anyone on here from Houston and know of a good AVM doctor in the area?

Erin, Up on the top right side of the list above, there is a list of Doctors that our members sent....I found these 3 in Houston:

Dong Kim (NS), TX, Memorial Hermann, Houston
Roc Chen (NR), TX, Memorial Hermann, Houston
Michel Mawad (NR), TX, Baylor, Houston

Dr. Peng Roc Chen

Thank you Helena and Louisa!

You are very welcome. I hope that you are able to find a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

I'm a patient of Dr. Dong Kim at Mischer Neuroscience/Memorial Hermann Hospital/UT Med School.