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AVM diagnosed in Australia

Hello all

My name’s Gustavo and I had a bleeding 2mm long on the cerebellum area and with the angiography was diagnosed the AVM, went through surgery, the embolization and radiotherapy t

The story of what happened, I was born in Brazil, sorry if happen to have some lack of English or mistakes but I’m non-native English speaker, 28 yold, I was during my stay in Australia completing my studies for about 2 years and had a total normal day, worked, drove back home had dinner and took a shower and I was just about to go to bed when I felt the terrible headache and the nausea, from there was just blank till dawn when I woke.
It was said to me that I was going to have the angiogram which was diagnosed the AVM. Well, from there absolutely everything changed, got my life turned upside down, had to quit my precious job in a good company in Australia(I’m a draughterman) couldn’t totally finish my studies and had to flight back to Brazil where my family lives for logistics and treatment purposes, moved back to my father’s house, without job and with a third world public transport which is making the lack of balance super difficult to catch a bus totally busy and if you are in a place like São Paulo you sure can expect it.

Well, I’ll be living according to the flow while I hear from the doctor that I’m AVM free or nothing else can be done.

But hey there are good points too!!!
I quitted smocking after that and I’m drinking way less now
Keeping my body healthy, eating healthy food and practising sport now turned into my goal

Sure it will make heaps difference at the time I’m older

Thank you all
Independent of your religion, don’t lose faith in your recovery is super important to have a good mental health

Welcome Gustavo, its great to have you hear with us on your journey. These things do turn lives upside down for sure and challenge us in many ways. There is a lot of people with a lot of experience dealing with challenges here with us who can provide insight and experience. I was in Brazil back in 2002 for three weeks, it is an amazing country and hope you can navigate the medical system fairly easily. Great to hear of the changes to food and exercise, I’m a big believer in that now which was certainly amplified when I discovered my AVM. Take Care, John.

Welcome to the forum! A positive attitude is everything when your life gets turned upside down. stay strong!

Welcome Gustavo, I am from Sydney Australia and feel your pain man… did they not want to treat you here or was it personal choice to go back to Brazil? … God bless!