"AVM debacle" a poem written today by my sister Nikki so I could enter a contest (Ellen's Doughvember giveaway)

My story it starts about a year ago tomorrow
’tis the reason that i beg steal and borrow
my eyes did not work, to side i couldn’t see
be damned AVM we’ll fix you with surgery!

my doctor, he said "you musn’t drive!"
oh my golly! how will i survive!
your husband he works is this not true?
yes it is, but doesn’t make enough for two

and let’s not forget the children, oh no!
they do like to eat and be warm in the snow
my poor kitty boots is a whole other matter
i’m feeding her less, but she keeps getting fatter!

and just to add insult on top of my injury
my car started spewing someting orange and gingery
now the motor is done, seized is what they said
making it harder each day to get out of bed

i don’t want a hand out, that would not please me
but a hand up would help to make things a might easy
just enough to bounce back and prop me up right
to restore my faith in humanity and help win my fight

Awesome, thanks for posting!!!

Thumbs up!

Thanks for sharing the poem.

The poem made me smile : )