AVM Caused Other Health Conditions

So I was diagnosed at 16 with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syyndrome) which is a very common disorder in women’s health. For years after they struggled to properly treat that disorder and pretty much ignored it. Fast forward to after my AVM diagnosis at age 24 it was then my neurosurgeon explained that the pcos came from my AVM because of its location and destruction of my pituitary stalk my pituitary gland was deprived of proper nutrients my whole life causing me to develop this other condition. Complications with the pcos developed and the glucose intolerance that is typical quickly in 6 months turned rapidly into full blown uncontrollable diabetes. In addition the lack of regular menstrual cycles caused buildup of the lining that then eventually had to shed because it was so thick it was at cancer levels that it bled for 6 months continuously without let up. Once it was done despite medicines forcing me to have a cycle it grew thick again forcing me to have a d &c done in may of this year. Meanwhile my pelvic surgeon tried everything to save me from a hysterectomy and to lessen my pain but he was unable to. I had to have the hysterectomy but it was a partial one he was able to save my ovaries so I won’t go into menopause right now. I also have depression and anxiety that mimic bipolar disorder as a result of my health problems. My question to group is does anyone else have multiple health problems in addition to their avm as a result of its location?

I’m so sorry to hear all you have been through. I have problems with my sight and balance due to my AVM. I also get a lot of ovarian cysts but now reading your story I wonder if its related to the AVM at all? I also have extra tissue in the middle of my birth canal that would have to be surgically removed if I wanted to give birth that way. But us having AVM’s it is suggested not to get pregnant while there is an active AVM anyway…it can cause death unfortunately. Glad you are doing okay right now, and I wish the best for you!