AVM came back

So I just had my 6 month angiogram to check and see if I was AVM free after my stroke in October. I was told that they did find another AVM growth that will need to be removed, they mentioned that they will discuss with the team whether to do radiation or surgery. I was told yesterday that the team believes that surgery will be the best option which means another craniotomy and now i will also need to have reconstruction surgery on the jaw muscle that they have to cut because it’s been cut so many times now that it won’t heal properly this time. I just don’t know if I’m up for all of this again. I just wanted this nightmare to be over. Has anyone else experienced a reoccurring cerebral AVM? And if so, how was your experience with the surgery?

Hi Lindsay, I’m so saddened by this news and I will be praying for you that everything works out fine…is the AVM that you have the same one removed and if so did the doctors advise you it had been removed completely after surgery with follow up Angios/CT etc… God bless!

Hi Lindsay - Sorry to hear that you will need surgery again for your AVM. Is it in the same area as before, or is it a different part of the brain? All the best to you and we are here for you. One big hug for you Lindsay.

Hi Lindsay! Just wanted to say that I admire your strength for putting up with what you've gone through. I had a reoccurring AVM which was found before it could bleed. They treated it with radiation but because of the rupture risk, I decided to get it removed via surgery. Once they went in there, the neurologists confirmed that the radiation wasn't really doing much to the AVM. I had surgery don't last year in July and am feeling so much better.

Yes I just found out that I have a new brain aneurysm it is 2.2 size the doctor I spoke to wants to do another Craniotomy I am 65 years old and feel that that is too much for my age. I believe in natural medicine. I have to make up my mind to see what I am going to do. Today while jogging not hard just soft jogging I swear I heard my brain slapping on my skull it was making a click click sound. I got a slight pain too. I am not sure what to do. I always check on new treatment for it but there really is none. Please take care of yourself.