AVM bled again

Last Tuesday my avm bled again and I was in the hospiatal for 5 days. My doctors are sending my films to Duke to see what the doctors think there…he does not want to perform surgergy because the avm is located deep in the center of my brain and it is too risky.
Now that it has bled again, I live in dread that it will bleed again before I can even have the embolization done…and then it is still possible it could bleed again.
All I can do right now is hope that the doctors from Duke respond soon so we can go ahead and proceed with treatment as I don’t really think that they will be able to do anything the other doctors can’t do.
This whole situation has depressed me so much. I feel like my own body is trying to kill me. And I dread going to the hospital again, which of course is inevitable.

Hi Dianne,
Hope you are feeling better? What happens when you get a bleed? What are the symptoms? Are you aware when it happens or do you find out from the doctors after a CT or MRI?