AVM + aneurysms

I had a seizure 7 months back and was diagnosed with an AVM. I finally had a digital subtraction angiography done a week back to decide the best line of treatment and my neurosurgeon said that my AVM was at a very very low risk of rupture but i had few very small aneurysms in the vessel. Thus i am advised combination of embolization surgery followed by Radiosurgery. I am yet to get a second opinion but either way I am told to continue my anti seizure medicine ( levera 500mg twice a day) LIFELONG. I will have to wait for the first procedure since i have my college exams very soon. What do you all think about the advise of surgery given? Do you all have to continue your medication lifelong?Also are aneurysms common in this condition?

Hi @Radhika! I hope you’re doing well considering! I’m not a doc so I can’t speak to the medical side of things. However I am a patient who tried to ween off antiseizure drugs per drs. Guidance and ended up having a seizure and waking up in ER. I have switched from keppra, to Lyrica, to Klonopin, to now trileptal per docs orders. I know that with that last question “Also are aneurysms common in this condition?”, the answer is a hearty “maybe?”. I also know, per the at times conflicting guidance of neurodocs, only you know your body and the effect different medications have on it. I definitely advise you listen to and follow the medical expertise of your doctors. But I also suggest if possible in your area, getting a second opinion if you are not comfortable with the results. My new neuro-doc found an AVM that was missed by UAB even though I had two others rupture there. So I went to Duke and lo and behold they found another AVM unruptured that was missed by the former facility. Trust your doctors because they generally know medically what’s best, but only you know you story. Blessings as you continue!


Hi Radhika,

I have seen and heard it is sometimes common with AVM’s and aneurysms to be present at the same time from time-to-time but its not 100% clear cut… in moving forward you are entitled to getting a second opinion and you need to feel comfortable at the end of the day with the direction you intend on taking… seizure medication is also generally advised may be lifelong but sometimes things may change depending on circumstances… God bless!

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Ok. Thank you all!