AVM and vision

13 years post avm removal (craniotomy) here!

I want to know if anyone has declining vision since their AVM? My avm was located in the temporal lobe and slightly effected my vision- my eyes were crossed however this resolved in the hospital. I never wore glasses prior to my avm but started with this a small prescription (-.50 each eye). Years following it feels like my vision is declining rapidly. I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem! I have an eye appointment scheduled next week.

Yes! Me! I had a cranie in 2010. After I had slight vision loss. Then in 2019, I was at work and noticed suddenly I couldn’t see my right screen. I came home after work and my right eye basically quit working. I went to Duke and saw their team. They determined I had another bleed that was a stroke. I don’t know what’s next but I do want you to know I’m hoping you will do better and glad you found this site.



After my avm ruptured I had a lot of visual problems. It gets better then can deteriorate then get better again.
30 years later some days I can read a page of normal print in a book but other days either nothing or it all goes blurry in less than 1 paragraph.
I can see a football but having the coordination and eye skill to run with the ball is not there.
I hope you can get some treatment but the risks May be significant.


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Mine wasn’t a craniotomy but still an avm so thought I’d let you know

I have had slightly declining vision for years prior to avm embolisation but I can say that since embolisation I experience exactly what Timb said. Identical!

Also find lights at night and driving at night very tiresome and disorientating. Prior to embolisation i never had an issue

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Night vision is horrible for me too