Hello guys!

Sorry I’ve not updated on my consultation yet (I shall do this a little later) my internees been down! :frowning:

Just a quick question (I guess this is aimed at the woman on here) but when it’s the time of the month, do any of you become very dizzy? I came on yesterday and today I am so so dizzy it’s horrible and I’m wondering if its related, and how I can make this dizzy feeling go away?

Thanks! X

Hey gemmily :slight_smile: I’m dizzy everyday but it is worse that time of the month. Not much ‘helps’ but to maybe cut down on frequency try keeping out of the heat and sunlight, getting up slowly from sitting/laying down, eating every few hours when ur nauseous and dizzy, take some medicine or suck on a peppermint, it helps calm stomach so u can eat or just not throw up lol. I keep a bag in my purse. I also have eye pain so use an eye patch which helps with dizziness for some reason. I hope u are doing well :slight_smile:

In the early stages of my wife's AVM, she tended to have seizures during PMS times. That's about all I know about the subject...............

Ron, KS

Hey Ron, thanks for the reply! I know this may sound like a stupid question but I am a bit unsure I what a seizure is so what happens when your wife has a seizure and is it something to cause concern? I’ve not long had my AVM, and I am pre-op but post-rupture so I panic quite a lot as I’m still so unsure of everything. Any info massively appreciated - thanks!

Hey mamaginof3, thanks for the reply! I’m sorry to hear you’re dizzy every day, I get a lot of dizzy spells myself. Thank you for the advice - it is so muggy where I live today so I don’t think that’s helping at all! Ill try the eating thing, I had asandwixh earlier when I felt dizzy and it did help a bit and I’m trying to keep my fluids up too! Haha thank you, I’ll go get some mints! Yeah my eyes are sore today so ill try and see if that helps too. This is all so very very odd and hard to deal with, and I feel so silly panicking about everything I’m just so scared if a rebleed or that ill get worse! So thank you for the advice and reassurance, massively appreciated.

Her seizures were like those most commonly associated as Gran Mal seizures. Violent convulsing was the extreme end of them. They usually started with her right side (her AVM was on the left side of her brain), either her right arm or leg would go numb. Then they might start twitching. Once she started anti-S meds, sometimes they never progressed past numbness.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

So they’re basically like twitches and numbness? My AVM is on the right side of my brain so it effects my left side - which often goes numb or weak. I’m also very tired and dizzy, does that link to seizures in your experience? Sorry to bombard you with questions! I suppose it may be worth me seeing my Dr and asking about medication because I feel so lousy today.

Thanks again!

Definitely mention it to Dr, they can do eeg to see if you’re having seizures. I have tingles and numbness in right arm n legs and. Twitches in my face yet no seizure activity showed on the test. So while u definitely need to write it down and talk with your Dr, don’t let it stress u more today. If its muggy stay inside! Lol btw compazine is the Med for nausea, most people go to sleep o. It but it eases my stomach and calms my nerves. See if ur Dr knows of something to help you

Thank you, I am going to make an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and ask about this test and the medication :slight_smile: I’m sorry to hear you suffer the numbness too! Ill try to stay calm today, I’m just going to lay down and rest and try and stay calm! Ill definitely ask about that, and if it makes me sleep that may not be too much of a bad thing as for the most part i am only getting 3-4 hours a night, that’s why my tiredness has been such a concern today. I feel so silly for all the worrying but it’s such a confusing condition I can’t help but worry sometimes