Avm and memory

Hi there. I have a brain hemmorrage in early’s 2007 with no visible consequences. The solution that was proposed to me (which I agreed) was a single embolization, that was done later that year. It was told me that my avm, wich was located in my left frontal lobe, was very tinny, but it was told me that, that ones have more hemorrage tendencies.
All the doctors (neurologist, neuroradiologist) said it was fixed and full embolized, wich was confirmed with prior angiographys.
Then in Fev. 2014 I have another hemorrage, and this time It had serious consequences. The doctors said probably the cause was the neurogenesis of the brain. I’ve lost sensibility in my right hand and leg, aphasic speech, desoriented, and 2 or 3 days of “blackout reaction”. But what shocked me is that I always had been counscious (it seems I was in a “bubble” that prevents me to do all the regular stuff but aware of what was happening around me). I’ve spent almost 2 months in the hospital. I had a craniotomy and my AVM was FINALLY removed on March 23, 2014 (never forget that day). Later that day, I felt like was “bubble free”. I remember of my gf who’s a nurse, visited me later that day and she also noticed that my speech was more fluid, became to gain the sensitivity of my arm and leg. I recovered the speech, and fully recovered the sensitity of my arm and leg. Aprox. two months after the surgery I had two seizures, and now I’m taking 1G Keppra/ day since then.
Of course, that it as Ups and Downs, but I prefer to focus on the Ups and grave the Downs.
Since that time, my short memory problems became less and less, I became a father of a beautiful girl and I feel that I’m still recovering. It’s a loooong journey to fully recovery. Everyday I feel that I’m improving.
In my particulary case, one thing helped really much, and it’s quite simple: Reading. Since I became a reader it really helps me maintaining the fluid of the speech.

Sorry about the testament, and stay strong :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Hi Corrina, Keppra is to prevent any type of convulsions.
I take it three times a day.