AVM and inflammation in foot

Hi All

A while back I was attempting to mobilise using my aircast and two crutches (figuring that if I could slowly walk up and down the garden once a day using these I might seem some improvement in pain and health).

Long story short - my foot became increasingly swollen in three specific points.

I had an MRI at the beginning of this year and was told that these swellings were inflammation and this can happen when you mobilise with an AVM.I wasn’t really given anything else except that - no advice on treating this, or if it could be sorted or what to do except minimise moving on that foot where I can within reason.

The swelling has not gone down (and actually seems a little worse now).

So questions:

  1. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Has anyone heard about how this might be treated?
  3. Any other advice to get the swelling down bar using ice (I have CRPS in the right foot and ice can make this condition worse).

Thank you!

Sorry to hear about the pain and swelling. I’m a brain AVM, so can’t really relay ay personal experience specifically. I can’t say with certainty that your Dr.s answer would not go over well with me, and I would definitely seek another view point, preferably with some potential options. The fact the swelling has not gone down, and nothing further. I would be going to see someone else and seeking physio therapy. I have had tremendous success with physio with a variety of injuries, although not AVM related, but might be an option for you. Take Care, John.

I have and AVM in my left foot. I use a light open toe compression sleeve for the swelling. Put it on in the morning and remove in the evening.

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Thank you! I am definitely going to chase this up at my next appointment with my consultant, because it does seem really strange that the swelling won’t go down.

Unfortunately I have spoken to physios before about getting help re walking (now no longer possible save short distances with weight only on heel) and keeping up muscle strength. They just shrugged and said there was nothing they could do to help as the problem is vascular (and now nerves as well thanks to CRPS).

But keeping fingers crossed, I have an awesome pain consultant now who is hopeful that she can treat the CRPS and might be able to do something re swelling (if I am lucky).

Thank you! Unfortunately my foot is so swollen that even a normal sock can’t fit on it now, and I have developed CRPS which makes pressure very very painful. But thank you for the tip!