AVM and infection

Hi everyone! Haven’t been out here for a while. Had my AVM surgery at the 11th september. For the first to day I felt fine and then I had a very long epileptic cramp. After two weeks I ended up at rehab to get me going. I was there for a week. Then I got home!
But after only two weeks at home, I started to feel very bad, with nausia and severe headache. Went to the dockor to see what’s wrong and suddenly, I ended up in an isolationroom with a really bad infection. They had to open me up again and clean my skull! I spent three weeks in a hospital that time.
Is it usual to have an infection after brainsurgery? Now I have to eat antibiotics for a long time know!

Infections are not uncommon. I know several people who have had AVMs, and several wound up needing additional treatment for infections. I can imagine how frustrating it is, but hang in there. Eventually they will get rid of the infection. Best wishes for a speedy recovery with your current meds!