AVM and egg freezing

Hey everyone.

I was wondering if anyone with an avm has been through egg freezing or similar?

I know pregnancy can cause complications and hormones can be risky (and was wondering. Especially with egg freezing, as you take a lot of hormones) whether this is a possibility or it is safe?

Unfortunately my avm atm does not appear to be treatable on and has recently shown changes. I’m grateful to still be OK and really just want to stay well for as long as possible but just want to see I could do and discuss this with my neurosurgeon.

I’m in Australia (and I do feel we are a little behind unfortunately!)

Hi Kerrit

I have undergone 5 full fresh rounds of ivf/ICSI over a 2 year period. Each time I was on a high dose of fertility medication (I never knew I had an AVM at the time). I can tell you during each cycle the frequency and intensity of my migraines increased. You are advised headaches can happen because of the hormones in the drugs etc, so I thought the migraines were due to this, maybe they were. However, in hindsight (position, severity and pattern of migraine) I believe the drugs did aggravate my AVM as did pregnancy.

I was very unwell during the pregnancy and again this included severe migraines. It was put down to the fact I was carrying twins but again I believe the hormones and the pressure on my body was aggravating my AVM.

This can’t be proven of course, as my AVM has only recently been discovered. I only know the status of it now and not before all this, so I can’t compare. It’s just my feeling.

Also during the IVF cycle you are put to sleep for egg collection. Your not put to sleep for long or under deeply but this will be something you should check with your Neuro.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best of luck with everything x

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I don’t personally have experience with egg freezing or anything of that nature but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it because as you said hormones and pregnancy are not very compatible with AVM folks. It’s doable, but not always safe. And also as far as I know doctors don’t currently know if AVMs can be genetically passed to offspring or not. Not only that but you may have other genetic conditions that could be passed to offspring. But at the end of the day its your choice and I wish you the best of luck! :blush:

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So my understanding of it is that most AVMs are congenital, i.e. formed in the womb as part of the random nature of birth but not genetically inherited. Having said that, there are a few genetic conditions that bring AVMs with them; an example would be HHT, hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia. If anyone is concerned about passing on AVMs due to some inherited condition, I would ask your doctor if screening for such conditions is appropriate and then you could make an informed decision.


Since we moved platforms in summer 2016 your profile information was not migrated to the new platform, so we don’t know if you’re concerned about a brain AVM or a pelvic or uterine AVM: depending on where your AVM is may well colour how your doctor sees pregnancy or the use of hormones prior to egg collection.

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