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Avm and disability


does any one know if AVM is a qualifacation for disability ?


yes, if it is a life threatening avm


yes if you are
left with deficits to your vision for example as well as others.




tnx for your reply. I applied in Jan 2010 and still waiting I wasent sure .


Pamela, it would be good to seek advice from a lawyer who specializes in SS disability cases. Have you not heard anything since January? It’s also a good idea to call and check the status of your claim. Just make sure you keep records of the date you called and what you were told. Good luck!


I would also contact your local congressman. In some places they have special people who are assigned to help you obtain social security disability.


ty Barbara I will try that.


traumatic brain injury is definitely a qualification. if you had a bleed you would qualify under a TBI


yes it is