My 14 years old daughter just celebrated her 1st year anniversary for her brain AVM craniotomy
by Dr. Michael Lawton and Dr. Nalin Gupta at UCSF. amazing team !!!
she is doing grate !
years before her AVM bleed and that’s how she was diagnosed with , she was on Ritalin to treat her ADHA.
since we found out she has the AVM , now after the surgery , and for the future , the doctors forbid her from taking Ritalin and all medication for treating ADHD.
Please share your experience in controlling yours or your child ADHD .
she is about to start school in 10 day’s , concentrating is very difficult for her.
I see her tough straggle in every aspect of her life in the past 2 years since we found out she has AVM , traveling to san Francisco for the surgery , the recovery . building her life back. I will appreciate your advice.

My grandaughter/daughter also can not take any of the “traditional” ADHD meds. Although she has not had an AVM, she did have a craniotomy a number of years ago for bleed from a TBI. We were at wits end. Finally our Psychopharmacologist (a step above a psychiatrist) got permission from her Neuro to try the “California Rocket Fuel” regime as it does play well with her seizure medicines. We saw almost a miraculous turn around over night. If nothing else nightmare free sleep is a big +. Its a fairly new combination that really helps circadian rhythms (My wife and I’s included LOL) the Obsessions, repetitive behaviour, impulsiveness etc that marked her ADHD (every kiddo is a bit different)

In any event California Rocket Fuel starting doses is 50mg of Zoloft and 15mg Remeron (Mirtazapin) It can go up pretty quickly. But her self control is amazing. We are only a few weeks into it, band she still does her “stuff” onoccasion. BUT she does check herself. We also started some bio-feedback for “gut issues” Tana is special needs so none of this may apply, but its worth and ask…

On a seperate note make sure before school starts you update her 504 EVEN if she also has an IEP. They need to make sure they are accomidating her brain injury and not rying to “fix her” like they do with IEP goals. It save a lot of phone calls through the school year.


Hi Hope, We are having my son tested for ADHD at the moment and are almost 100% sure he will receive a diagnosis to go along with his asperger’s syndrome :frowning: , But this is fine as long as we can get the support structure in place for him to help, You may find the following site better for advice on ADHD which is the Ben’s Friends ADHD community : http://www.lifewithadd.org/ , Hope this helps you with that aspect.