Does anyone here have AVF not AVM? Community and support so important.

Hi Super Mom-

I just sent you a message with a link for AVF's. Let me know if you have any problems. Here it is again though, just in case.


Hi Super Mom -

I just had surgery for my AVM a couple of weeks ago. It did not have a clearly identified nidus but was rather more diffuse with several veins having an AVF with AVM shunts on them. Was located between left temporal and frontal lobes in the sylvian fissure. My surgeon did a functional MRI before the surgery so that he would know where my speech center was and was very careful of avoiding that during surgery. Thinks he got it all but am due back for an MRI in one year to see if anything has regrown. I too was looking for things on AVF vs the AVM due to the nidus situation but was still deemed an AVM by Dr. Spetzler at the Barrow Clinic. Good luck with this!