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AVF preceded by a hard fall


Two months before the onset of pain and falling, I fell on a tile floor. Obviously, the spinal AVM was already there. I’m wondering if the fall could have caused the fistula. Did anyone else have a fall or other accident prior to the onset of symptoms?


I do believe that Dural AV Fistulas are thought to be acquired these days, rather than congenital and I have a feeling that physical impact is one of the causes of onset. Now, whether you had some predisposition to a fistula and the fall has merely been “the straw that broke (your) back”, I don’t know but it seems likely, doesn’t it? Or you might have had a fistula there but it was very small or not giving you any trouble and the fall has exacerbated it in some way.

However, it’s a good thing to know about it and get it sorted. I was very encouraged by your positive view of the world, in a conversation with Corrine or Logan. It’s great to take some positivity out of our situations. Rather difficult to impossible sometimes but great when it can be done.


Mine was caused by pressure in my head from blood clots, that I had a stroke CVST that collapsed a major vein in my head and I recall when my. vein collapsed cause I felt it and it caused stroke like symptoms for about 48 hrs about 3 months later they found the DAVF, At that time the vein was no longer there was it was there prior.
So I guess in theory yes trauma could cause it - I would definitely ask your dr to be sure.
Hugs Angela


Hi Angela,
I do hope that you are well on your way to recovery. I’m asking the membership as doctors have been vague about it.

Hugs back,