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My husband had a hemorrhagic stroke about 10 months ago from a brain AVM. He still has the AVM. Recently he caught a cold that made him cough s ridiculous amount causing him to have a headache and muscle aches afro a week. The poor thing wasn’t able to take any Advil or Motrin because we realized all the bottles say to ask the doctor if you had a stroke. Doing more research we came across also that the type of stroke he had limits his pain relief even more. Did anybody have a hemorrhagic stroke due to a brain AVM that was able to take something for a simple headache like Motrin, tylonel, Advil? Does anyone know of anything he can take?
He had:
Hemorrhagic stroke
Right brain AVM
High blood pressure

Thank you all for the help!

I had an AVM which caused me to have a hemmoragic stroke. However, my AVM was corrected with surgery. I am not aware of any restrictions I have regarding advil, aleve, or aspirin, but I am leary of aspirin. My neurologist was aware of the fact that i took Aleve. It is best to check with your Doctor before you proceed with a pain medicine.

You definitely need to check with his doctor. I'm like Wendy and my AVM is now gone and I was told I could take anything that works for pain. Since your husband still has the AVM I'm sure your doctor can give you advice.

Heather...I had a massive brain bleed in 2007. When I got my first bad cold, I took a med that I shouldn't have taken....So I called my doctor...here is what he told me I can take.

Drug Store" Tussin Cough Med

Ordered by Doctor: Z Pack

My doctor is fantastic...he checks out every med via the med's I am on and knows what I can and cannot take. So be sure to discuss this with your Doctor.

Good Luck!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! This site is truly a help!