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Just me again…I will try not to ramble this time but need to run things through my head. I had an appointment with a one Doctor who determined that the type of radiation used in his facility is not for me-too broad a band-width I think is what he explained. So I was referred to one of his peers at yet another hospital complex which houses the Illinois Gamma Knife Center (anyone out there familiar with this facility?)
That appointment is tomorrow (consultation) and I’m a bit nervous. First, it is further east than I care to travel; traffic & road construction (which by the way is Illinois’ middle name). But I’m the navigator, not the driver but it still bothers me since my accident several years ago. I used to be able to drive cross-country without blinking an eye but no more. Oops I’m rambling again, sorry.
Second, I had more time to think about this. Outside of a malfunction of the machinery that may turn me green and ugly (remember the Hulk was hit with gamma rays gone berserk). The effects of the treatment are not immediate. I am a bit impatient these days and the thought of waiting 2-3 years to determine the final outcome of a treatment is a bit hard for me to swallow.
Third and of the utmost concern, I’m worried that this treatment will result in taking out more of my vision. I never had 20\20 vision but right after the bleed, my vision was horrible; didn’t recognize people until they spoke, all men looked like Guy Fieti from the Food Network, all colors were muted, among other things. Although it is much better now, I still have problems recognizing people who I don’t see on a regular basis. I also don’t know how many times I’ve run into an open upper kitchen cabinet (my fault for leaving it open) due to peripheral damage on the left. At work the aisle was to my left and one day I heard voices, turned around and about 12 people were having a meeting in he aisle to my left…talk about surprise!!! I now have move to a new desk. There I go rambling again…..
Four, it took extra effort to get all the Scans, MRIs from the hospitals. I was asked to bring them but now I’m worried I won’t get them back. Maybe I should type up a contract for the Drs to sign 
Anyway, I feel better now and can hit the sheets with a little more calm. Thanks for reading.

Hi djs,

Good luck today. I think you have some legitimate concerns. Please make sure you remember to express these to your dr. Hopefully, he/she can give you reassurance that your sight will not be effected in a negative way. Good luck (again).