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Auditory processing


I was diagnosed about three years ago in my left frontal lobe and it seems as time goes on, it’s harder for me to understand speech. My actual hearing is impeccable but when people are talking, about 30% or more sounds like gibberish.

I was wondering if anyone else is going through this and if anything helps, and what you’ve done.

Much appreciated!

P.S. I have not had a bleed, nor had any treatment.


Hi Emily,

I’m a fellow left frontal AVMer.

These would be some good questions for you to analyse:
Can you define in what situations it sounds like gibberish? Is it all the time? Is it with certain people? If so, what traits do those people share? Does it only happen when you feel overwhelmed/ill or anxious already? Is it only in noisy environments? What do you hear? Do you hear random words or does it sound like a foreign language?

Do you have any problems with your own speech, formulating sentences etc?

I am currently in rehab (after a craniotomy). I see a speech therapist every day and you’d be amazed at all the different tests they use to really get to the core of your individual problem. You may want to consider getting a speech therapist to assess you as they can help you develop strategies to deal with whatever the problem is. Not fix it, but how to cope with it.

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What is yours like and how does your speech therapist help you personally?

It’s usually in noisy environments, and a lot with someone one-on-one even with no noise. And it tends to happen more often with high-pitched voices??? I stumble on my words quite often, and it’s a running joke at work.